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NOTE: At the present time my workshop/garage is being totally cleaned and reorganized. This is a long overdue project that I've decided to get done as soon as possible. At this point I'm planning to be back up and running by late spring of 2018. Until then most, if not all, my furniture and other fine woodworking projects are on hold.

More Storage to be

Posted Soon

Storing tools and many other things is paramount for any workshop. This is an area where I failed to do what was necessary when I built the workshop. It wasn't that I forgot about needing storage I just didn't have the time, money and materials necessary to create the storage that was needed.

This is the area that I'm concentrating on right now. Once I have some storage in place for most of my tools and other necessary items for the workshop I'll get back to some finer woodworking.

One of my first projects to create tool storage was the tool walls between my windows. This is the area where my workbench and assembly table will be. The tools will be very handy for both of them. So far I have quite a few tools up on French cleats in some tool holders that I've made from some scrap. I plan to continue making the tool holders. I have added a French cleat system that goes across the windows. They are hinged so that I have access to the windows. I'm also considering an actual tool cabinet on the wall to the left of the windows. It will be a while before I can get to that project.

I have made a cabinet for my new lathe with drawers. While I have released two YouTube Shorts on this project it's on hold while I do some turning projects that took priority over finishing the cabinet. I'm also planning on creating a cabinet with dust collection and drawers underneath my router table as well as a making or buying a cabinet with drawers to go under my outfeed table. Pam and I have also decided to purchase another metal tool cabinet for the shop but due to the current supply shortages none of the specific one I need are available anywhere in Southern California.


Tool Wall

Sanding Block Tote

I bought these wonderful sanding blocks and could never find one when I needed it. When making projects I had the tendency to just leave them where ever I used them. I also stored some of them in a drawer that was over in the garage section of the building so when I needed one of them I had to walk the full 40' length of the building to get it.

As a result I decided to incorporate storage all my sanding blocks in one place. I also wanted it to be portable so that I could take it wherever I needed to sand something.

Several years before I had bought these tool box ends from Lee Valley to make some Christmas gifts for friends. I thought they'd be perfect for a tote to hold my sanding blocks. I looked up on my lumber rack and found some offcuts of maple that were perfect for the sides. I incorporated them along with some scrap plywood to make the tote. For the handle I found some rails that I had intended to use for a table but I'd made some mistakes on them so they were in my scrap pile. This one made a perfect handle.

Upcoming Projects

For more information on this project watch my video about them on my WB Fine Woodworking YouTube channel.

For more information on this project watch my video on hinged tool holders for my windows plus my videos about making the tool holder for my tack hammer, dead blow mallet and bevel gauges on my WB Fine Woodworking YouTube channel.