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Like just about any woodworker or even home owner I have a myriad of hand held power tools. They are used on an almost daily occurrence and several are used on every project I do. I couldn't get along without them.

Perhaps the most used hand held power tools are my drills. Years ago, before many of the brands today were even around, I started out with Craftsman drills. They are still a staple in my shop today. I've stuck with Craftsman because I didn't want to have a lot of different batteries and chargers. Besides, Craftsman hand power tools are very good for what they do. The 19.2 volt batteries provide plenty of power. Their new lithium-ion batteries are excellent and light weight. Since the NiCd batteries I started with are now failing I'm switching to the lithium-ion. Shown here is one of my shop projects that I made to organize my drills and batteries.


I don't know what I'd do without some good sanders. Many years ago my dad  bought my first electric sander. It was a workhorse in my shop. While I still have that original Craftsman sander I'm currently using a couple of Festool sanders. Obviously I have other powered handtools that I need to cover on this page. Maybe soon.


Of course, as with almost everything these days Craftsman has now changed hands. The new tools that have recently been announced use a 20 volt battery that is different from the batteries that my drills use. Eventually I will have to make some kind of change if I want to add to my hand held battery operated tools.