Over the years I've had many different challenges in my woodworking. Some were due to trying new techniques and others were related to fixing mistakes. These videos feature some tricks for possibly avoiding mistakes or a way of doing something that may be different than what you do. While some may be unique tricks and tips I've thought of myself I'm sure that others may have come up with many of  them before I did. I do not claim any originality for these tricks or tips but offer them as a help for others.

Two Ruler Trick

I ran into a problem of my own making while working on the legs of my outfeed table. This video shows a trick that I used to fix the problem. A video of the outfeed table will be coming soon.

I need a Longer Ruler  Trick

As I was making the legs to my outfeed table I wanted to make sure that the screws on the legs were evenly spaced. Since I was covering up the screw heads with dowels they are a design feature that I wanted to look good. Unfortunately my ruler was too short. This video shows the trick I used to solve the problem.


Tricks for Woodworkers

Tips for Woodworkers

When Pigs Fly

This is a special tip (advise) for all woodworkers from someone who's been woodworking as a hobby a long time.

Don't Rush Things

This is some advise that I try to follow as much as possible in my shop. The video came about when I avoided cutting mortises in the wrong place by following this tip.

Relief from Workshop GAS

In my efforts to help other woodworkers I produced this video of tips that will help others save money. The tips I give are ones that I've learned over my many years in the hobby.

Please feel free to leave examples of GAS in your shop. I'd love to hear from you and they might help others.

Tip to Identify Opened Finish Cans

I would often get frustrated keeping track of opened and unopened cans of finish. This simple tip helps to solve that problem.

Vanishing Pencil


Hopefully this will solve my problem with vanishing pencils in my workshop and make and markers available at all my major tools.

Magnetic Safety Glasses

Power Failure Lights

Like Norm always stated, safety glasses are the most important tool in the shop. I came up a way for me to have a pair at every tool in my shop so I'll always remember to wear them.

Just think about where you might be and what you might be doing when the power failed in your shop. These small, inexpensive lights would help in such a situation.

This technique may be a way for you to find a solution to a problem you're having in your shop. It's been very helpful to me over the years I've been using the Internet.