Workshop Construction

This video documents the construction of my workshop/garage. It's a 24' x 40' space designed by me for parking two vehicles in addition to a complete woodworking workshop.

Workshop Tour

Coming Sometime in the Not to Distant Future I will be adding this video as soon as possible after I get the workshop more organized and I'm able to build a few pieces of shop furniture. I expect that this video will be delayed until sometime during the summer of 2019. No, I will not wait until it is fully complete. Workshops are never completely done. They are always changing.


Clamp Rack

I've needed somewhere to hang my clamps for a long time. Woodpeckers came out with their Clamp Rack-It System that seemed to be perfect for my needs. The clamp rack is a great example of a shop improvement that was better to buy than try to make. With this rack I can hang more clamps in a smaller space than I could have making a rack from wood. It also took up less shop time. This video is a critique of this clamp rack system.

Workshop Improvements

In this section I plan to add any improvements for the actual workshop that were not things I made. As some of you have figured out, if I can find something I need for the shop that's excellent quality for a reasonable price I'll buy it rather than take up precious shop time making something. While this is true mostly for things like jigs it I sometimes decide that there is an item that will improve my shop that I need to buy rather than make.


I have stopped adding videos to this channel for many reasons. Mostly I found that it takes far too long to setup needed shots and edit the videos. Yes, it's possible that I may add some in the future but at this point I have no idea when that will be.