As part of the YouTube woodworking family from time to time I'll collaborate with another woodworker. Woodworking can be a lonely venture and through the use of modern technology it doesn't always have to be. I'd love to collaborate with any of you who have subscribed to my channel. Either the videos I produce or links to ones that others produce with me will be posted on this page.

James King asked those who are members of his outstanding Facebook community to submit a video introduction of the group. I decided to submit the following video which James accepted and posted. The group on Facebook is the King's Fine Woodworking Community.


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2018 Design in Wood


This exhibition of woodworking projects has been sponsored by the San Diego County Fair and the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association since 1982. It's an outstanding show. I created this video to show what I felt were some of the highlights of the 2018 exhibition. Check out the website of the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association for photos of past Design in Wood winners as well as information on the association. Those in the San Diego area might consider joining the association.

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David Lyell featured our channel on his YouTube video Popwood Playback, on Saturday, October 27, 2018. To see this episode click on the YouTube link. David is one of the editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

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Popwood Playback

This is my second promotion video for James King Woodworking. They are a great family and have some excellent videos and products on their website.

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