I'm still in the middle of my workshop renovation, cleaning and reorganization project. As I'm working on things I'll be posting some videos of the Shop Projects that I'm making to make things better organized out in my shop. I hope that you find these helpful for your own workshop.

Sanding Block Tote

Tool Holders for Tool Wall

I have no idea how many hours I've wasted looking for my sanding blocks. Some of them weren't even stored over in my workshop area. I decided to solve these problems by making a tote for all my sanding blocks. This video introduces this project.

This video shows how I take wood from my scrap bins and make tool holders foir my tool wall. Currently my tool wall is just the area between the three windows in my shop. Eventually that will be expanded. Check back as I make those additions.

Outfeed Table

I just finished making an outfeed table for my SawStop. The design I used is based on one I found on the Wood Whisperer's website. It's part of his free content.



COMING NOT SURE WHEN (this one will take a while and some other videos will be released long before it's done. -- I've started releasing some of the progress but much more will follow.) - I've started making my workbench. At this point I've just milled the lumber, assembled the base and attached Casters. My plan right now is to make a diversified bench by combining some of the features of a Shaker style workbench with features from a Roubo workbench and some from a Mickelson workbench. I'm also getting some inspiration from a German style cabinet maker's bench similar to the one shown in plate 279 of “L’Art du Menuisier” from the 18th Century and maybe some others. The bench will have a Veritas Twin Screw Vise for the front vise and a rather unusual vise for the end vise. It will be a Veritas Quick Release Sliding Tail Vise. I discovered this vise quite by accident when I was finishing up the plans for the workbench. It's a great vise but evidently very few on YouTube have included one on their benches. I've been unable to find any videos on installing this vise so I'll definately make one as part of this workbench build series. I have no idea when the workbench will be done. As mentioned above I'm including information on my progress in my Shop Updates on YouTube. After my extensive research on workbenches I believe the closest actual style of the one I'm making is a Holtzapffel.

Spring Clamp Rack

I made a couple of racks for my spring clamps. Here is a sneak peek of one rack that I made for the Rockler Bandy Clamps. The clamps are on a piece that is removable from the wall so that they can be taken over to a workspace in the shop.

This video shows making a similar clamp rack for my large spring clamps.

Tool Holders for

Dead Blow Mallets

After making the dead blow mallets I decided to make tool holders for them. This video documents how I made them. One is now on the tool wall in my shop and the other one is hanging on the wall in my office.

These tool holders are very simple to build. The design and process would work for just about any mallet.

Tool Holders for

The Thor's Mallets


King's Fine Woodworking

Now that I have a a full set of the Thor's Hammer mallets made by King's Fine Woodworking I decided that I need to make a tool holder for all three for me as well as one that I shipped off the the King family. I used bird's eye maple and black walnut for the holder.


Tool Holders for

Stanley Bevel Gauges

I bought these antique bevel gauges from a vendor at a tool swap meet. The Old Tool Swap Meet is held in the parking lot of the san Diego Rockler store on the first Sunday in April, August and November. It's sponsored by the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association.

This video shows the process of making a tool holder for these two gauges for my Tool Wall. This is just one of  tool holders that I have made. The design and idea can be applied to many different tools.

A diversified design.

Sandpaper Storage Ideas

I have some unique and handy ways to store sandpaper. This video was produced to help others with their sandpaper storage needs.

COMING SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE: Later in the year (as soon as possible) I'll be making a cabinet to house my Rigid spindle/belt sander, festool sanders, sanding block tote and sandpaper supplies. That's another cabinet that I desparately need. I'm still finalizing the design but want to make something like the one that's on the Down to Earth Woodworker's YouTube channel.

I also have plans to install a cabinet in my Rockler router table stand. Right now the shelf I made for the stand is a big mess. It's piled with router table accessories. The design has been drawn up. I just need materials and time.

Hinged French Cleat

Tool Rack for Workshop Windows

The view from my windows is very important to me. It's the main reason I designed the shop to be on the southwest end of the building. When I decided that my workbench needed to go under those windows I also decided that I needed to create a tool rack to go in the windows. After my wife reminded me that I also needed to get to the window to put them up and down I came up with the idea on putting the tool racks on hinges.

I'm making a series of videos on this project.

               Video 1) The inspiration behind the project and design

               Video 2) An overall view of the tol racks and how they were made

               Video 3) The actual construction of the tool racks set to music

               Bonus Video) Detailed construction/gluing/hanging instruction

Additional Shop Cabinets

Since it had bee a while since I mentioned the workbench and wans't ready for a full video I gave a progress report in this Shop Update.

At this point I had the workbench fully assembled so I decided to release a video on just that part of the project.

Because I didn't plan to put casters on the workbench when I changed my mind I had to come up with a different way th attach them. This video covers the process with just video and music. I got the casters from Rockler because they were on sale.

This video also covers my method of attaching the workbench casters using an alternate method. In this edition I explain all the details. I also give examples on how my method could be modified for other styles of workbenches.

Lathe/Grinder Mobile Cabinet

ALMOST DONE I'm getting close to finishing a mobile cabinet for my lathe and grinding station. Both of these are taking up valuable space on my assembly table. In fant I haven't been able to use it to assemble anything since I bought the lathe. In addition to the lathe and grinder this cabinet will house all the tools and accessories that are connected with both tools in drawers. In addition I'm making a cabinet with a door that will be a place to store most of my turning blanks.

I initially got the idea from James King at King's Fine Woodworking and picked up additional ideas from others to design this cabinet. Hopefully the video will be out by the end of this summer. This, however, is my first cabinet build so I'm taking longer than I should -- Yea, I know all the things I build take me longer than they should.