New products from WB Fine Woodworking Coming Soon

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 3:45 PM

As some of you know I’ve recently turned an awl handle from maple and black walnut. It was made into a bird cage awl (see my YouTube Shorts for more information). As a result of this project I have many of the materials necessary to make more awls. These awls will be one-of-a-kind and made from various woods or combinations of contrasting woods. I decided that I’d offer some of these awls for sale here on my website. The sales will be announced first on my WB Fine Woodworking Instagram and Facebook pages. In addition to the bird cage awls I may also eventually offer some scratch awls for woodworkers, possibly in matched sets. That decision will be made once I sell some of my initial awls.

In addition to the awls I may also offer some kitchen items with turned wood handles for sale as well. If I do this will start with some pie/cake/pizza servers. I made some of these as Christmas presents for close friends and family in 2021. They were well received by those who got one.

Please understand that this is totally a new venture for me. Though I’ve been woodworking for many years I’ve never sold any of my work. The things I made in the past were always for our family or gifts. I’m also new to Internet sales. Because of the unique nature of each piece I plan to sell I’ll have to workout a way to sell to the one who requests an item first as well as a method of payment. To start off the only way I have for payment through the Internet is PayPal. I will be investigating other possibilities as well. Once I get some products made I’ll also announce how to purchase and pay for them.

Please be patient. I’m hoping to get some products made and all the necessary details for selecting an item and paying all figured out by April 2022. At least that’s my goal for now. The best way to know ahead of time and to first see what’s for sale is to follow WB Fine Woodworking on Facebook and/or Instagram.

No, I have not set prices for any items yet. I’ll be checking to see what others get for similar quality items that are made here in the United States. My goal will not be to try to undercut the prices to others but I do plan to charge reasonable prices for custom made tools out of fine or exotic hardwoods. Pam and I have decided that any money we receive will go to pay first for the materials and if there is extra I can use it to improve my woodworking or YouTube channel. 

I’m very excited by the possibilities of this new venture. It’s success, however, is in the hands of all of you. I can only sell what people are willing to buy and I can’t make a large number of items. This is just a hobby venture not a business.