The "Stay at Home" Order Continues

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 12:11 PM

Well, I’m still staying home. Since the last blog I’ve produced several YouTube videos including a shop update. You might want to watch that to see what’s been happening. I should have another one sometime in April. 

I continue to be obeying the “Stay at Home” orders from our state. Since, due to my age and heart issues, I’m in the very high at risk group I have no options. It’s far too dangerous for me to get out and do things. Whenever I have gone out I’ve been extremely careful. It’s similar to what I did after my heart surgery which was at the height of a bad flu season.

Our only excursion outside our area was to visit a very good friend who recently lost his wife, she’s the one we’ve been working with at dog shows, to a sudden brain tumor. That whole situation has been very tragic and traumatic. Our friend had come down to San Diego for a weekend of dog shows and stayed at our house on Saturday night. On Sunday we all went to the dog show and went out with a group of friends to a great restaurant for lunch. She drove home which is about a two and half hour drive and early the next morning starting having seizures. After extensive testing and exploratory surgery they discovered the brain tumor and she passed away a few days later. So obviously while it was good to get out and see some friends the occasion was far from pleasant.

I have managed to get some cleaning done in the shop. The whole area around my table saw, jointer and planer has been completely cleaned up of all the accumulated saw dust and wood chips. There is still some organizing in that area that needs to be done but most of that will have to wait until I can get some other areas cleaned and organized. I also managed to do a comprehensive review of the SawStop after the area was cleaned. It will be posted on my YouTube channel sometime in April. It’s a very comprehensive review of the saw and totally independent from any outside influence.

My current project is getting a rolling cabinet made for my lathe and grinder. It’s actually my very first cabinet build. In the past I’ve always found cabinets on a special sale for our home and shop but this time I needed one that isn’t available anywhere. The best height for a lathe is for the spindle to be at elbow height and I couldn’t find a cabinet that met or came clost to meeting that criteria. I need the experience anyway so that’s what I’m making.

I should be out in the shop instead of working on this website and writing this blog but there seems to be an issue with my newly installed AC unit. Today is one of the first days I need it but, according to the error code, there is a problem with the coolant. Of course my AC guy is most likely busy and hasn’t returned my call. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I know for some of you this is a very bad time. You may have even lost your job or have been temporally laid off. I’m very sorry if that has happened and hope you can get back to work soon. In the mean time stay safe. It seems that this virus isn’t going to let up anytime soon. From the verified reports it seems to be easily spread and can be devastating. Hopefully all of you and your families are well and continue to be.