It's finally cooling down.

Monday, September 30, 2019 1:40 PM

Thank goodness the weather here in Southern California is starting to cool down. This morning I was able to work out in the shop all morning until I needed to come in to check the video footage I’d taken and update the website. I was able to be out there without sweating. What a difference from last week.

I’ve just finished up the videos on the workbench casters and published them on my YouTube channel. That was a very fun project and will be one that will make my workshop much more versatile. While I di still intend to put the workbench up against my shop windows by putting casters on it I’ll be able to move it elsewhere when needed. I may even decide to do what I did on the workbench caster videos’ opening and closing. I moved the workbench away from the windows and stood behind it. 

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry I’m turning handles again this year for Christmas presents. This morning I was able to get the lathe all set up and ready for that project and trim the blanks down to a square the will fit into my chuck. I took extensive video footage of the process this morning and the previous steps I’ve taken to prepare the blanks. Unfortunately, as happened last year, this video won’t be released until early January.

After I get those turned I will sneak in another turning project. I need a long handled shoehorn. When I was at Rockler recently I picked up one of their turning shoehorn kits so I’ll be turning the handle for it.

There’s also a trophy for our basset hound club that needs to be made. I’ll be starting that sometime this fall or early winter. It has to be done before the club’s dog show in March. The trophy will be donated to the club at the show to be awarded to what is called Winners Dog. A male basset hound with some friends won the trophy last year and because two other dogs that our friends own have won it in the past they retired the trophy. The one I’m planning to make is a replacement trophy for the one that was retired.

Yes, I will also be making some progress on the workbench. This past week Pam and I were able to lay the top on the base and sheets of plywood. As I had predicted there was a slight issue with my measurements but I have since solved the problems that caused and am ready to get back to that project. The biggest, and perhaps most difficult and critical task will be drilling the holes in the front vise chop and front rail. I’m still working on how to get both of them on top of the drill press table at the right height to drill those holes. I also need to trim down the top that I bought for the workbench. Both of those Projects will require Pam’s help in the workshop. While she’s afraid of the machines Pam has been a great helper inthe past and I’m sure will be up for both of those tasks.

Needless to sayI’ll be very busy in the shop during the fall and winter this year. I appreciate all who watch my YouTube videos. If you’re one who reads my blog please pet me know. Drop me an email.