Finding Time

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 11:33 AM

I don’t know about you but life seems to keep getting in the way of my woodworking.  Quite often I have a morning or day planned for working in the shop and suddenly something comes up and my plan is dashed. Today it was a trip to the vet. It was nothing serious but it still took up most of my morning. Then tomorrow Pam’s family wants to get together for lunch so that will prevent any woodworking tomorrow too. On top of all that Pam and I have decided to get some passes to Disneyland and the Disney California Adventure park. We really enjoyed our recent visits to those two parks so we invested in passes. That means that in order for us to make that purchase worthwhile we’ll be going just about once a month except for July and August when the passes we have aren’t accepted. That time of year the parks are so crowdwd that we wouldn’t want to go anyway. I’m not complaining, just stating fact.

So, if some of you wonder why my workbench is taking so long to build or I’m not producing a lot of content the events of life are causing the delays. I’ve noticed that others on YouTube are having the same problems lately. It just happens.

Please know that I have been making progress, ever so slowly, on the workbench and am also working on some video ideas. My drill press, for example, needs some serious repairs. I had to stop by Harbor Freight for a hydrolic jack to fix it. That should make an interesting video. I’ve also come up with a possible solution of not being able to find my safety glasses that, if it works, will be a tip from my shop. I’m also going to be making some tool holders eventually now that I have the hinged tool racks in my windows. I’ve also decided to beef up this website and make it more useful. It also needed some proofreading and fixing (including this blog). I’m hoping that some of you will start using the website so please let me know what you want to see here.

Yep, all that is in the plans if I don’t keep getting distracted and my shop time doesn’t keep disappearing. I hope you understand. Most likely you have the same problem.