I'm Alive and Well

Friday, October 18, 2019 1:18 PM

Yes, I’m alive and well. Special thanks to Rob at Make Things for checking up on me in an Instagram post. In my last blog I mentioned that the weather had cooled down somewhat but the hot and humid weather wasn’t done. So, I lost some shop days due to that,

I made a change in the order of my projects from my last blog entry. I decided since I hadn’t turned in a while that I’d warm up on my shoehorn project instead of turning the handles for our Christmas presents. That turned out to be a good idea because it took a while for my turning skills to come back. While I had a video on the shoehorn all ready for YouTube had had made the very last change to it my computer hard drive found that little addition too much for the memory on space on the hard drive and the video was lost.

It’s taken a while and the purchase of an additional external hard drive and some software but I think that I’ve solved the computer issues for now. I’ve discovered that I can work from the external hard drive not my internal hard drive for storing my video files. On the external hard drive I created a folder where my camera software stores video clips bypassing the internal hard drive. That file also serves as storage for my video editing software, iMovie. Hopefully this will allow me to continue making videos for YouTube but I still need to work on freeing up more space on the internal hard drive for my computer. That will require some additional investigation as well as time.

In the mean time I have just produced a shop update for YouTube that should be available tomorrow and I’m recreating the video on the shoehorn turning project. The shop update provides some information on what’s been going on and there are some real interesting video clips on what Pam and I have been doing as well. You need to realize that I’m retired from working and woodworking is just a hobby for me — creating YouTube content is not my job. I do, however, plan to continue to create content if my computer will allow. The next video from me should be on turning the shoehorn handle. If I can I’ll produce both a “how to” and “music background” editions. I’ve discovered that more of you seem to like the latter versions better. That’s fine because they are actually easier to make.

Hopefully, as the weather gets cooler, I’ll be out in the shop more. I do truly enjoy working out there and I also have fun making videos for YouTube.