Still Under


I'm still in the middle of my workshop renovation, cleaning and reorganization project. As I'm working on things I'll be posting some videos of the Shop Projects that I'm making to make things better out in my shop. I hope that you find these helpful for your own workshop.

Sanding Block Tote

Tool Holders for Tool Wall

I have no idea how many hours I've wasted looking for my sanding blocks. Some of them weren't even stored over in my workshop area. I decided to solve these problems by making a tote for all my sanding blocks. This video introduces this project.

This video shows how I take wood from my scrap bins and make tool holders foir my tool wall. Currently my tool wall is just the area between the three windows in my shop. Eventually that will be expanded. Check back as I make those additions.

Outfeed Table

I just finished making an outfeed table for my SawStop. The design I used is based on one I found on the Wood Whisperer's website. It's part of his free content.



COMING SOON (this one will take a while) - I've started making my workbench. At this point I'm just milling up the lumber and finishing up the plans. My plan right now is to sort of combine some of the features of a Shaker style workbench with features from a Roubo workbench and maybe some others. When it's done I might call it a Frankenbench. I have no idea when it will be done but I'll post some short progress videos here.

Spring Clamp Rack

I just finished making a couple of racks for my spring clamps. Here is s sneak peek of one rack that I made for the Rockler Bandy Clamps. The clamps are on a piece that is removable from the wall so that they can be taken over to a workspace in the shop.

Today I was in the middle of recording the process of making a second one. It's for my regular spring clamps. The video should be out by the end of the week.