Preppin' Weapon Sanding Blocks

Rulers from Woodsmith

Veritas Saddle Square

These are some specific tools that I have found to be very handy in my workshop. I am well aware that some of them can be home made but in most cases I have chosen to save my shop time for other projects. In the videos I have tried to point out the features of each tool that make it handy for me. I have no connection to the companies who make or sell any of these tools.


Center Point Rules

Electric Screwdriver

Rockler Sandpaper Cutter

A very simple but useful layout tool that's great when more than one side of a board needs to be marked precisely at the same spot.

I've found these rulers to be the ones I go to all the time. They are packed with features.

One of those tools that makes sanding easier and a little more pleasurable. Anything that helps to improve sanding is something I'm interested in.

I use these rulers more than I thought I ever would. They are useful in the shop as well as in the house.

Another tool that helps tremendously with sanding. In the end it may even save you some money.

I've been using them for years but have very rarely seen them in any woodworking videos, photos or magazine articles. They are a very versitile tool for the workshop and the home.

Tape Measure

This is by far the best tape measure I've found for the workshop. Rarely do I need to measure anything longer than nine feet and most tape measures are longer than that. This tape measure has some other outstanding features watch the video to find out more.

V Drill Guide

Sometimes drilling holes perpendicular to a piece of wood is necessary and a drill press may not be an option. This V Drill Guide is a tool that will get the job done. In addition this drill guide can be used to drill holes in dowels as well as the corner of a piece of wood. It's a versatile tool that will be useful in most woodworking shops. I've even used it on metal.

White Pencil for Marking

In my woodworking I tend to use a lot of black walnut and other dark wood. Over the years I've found seeing markes for where to cut on these woods to be difficult when using a standard pencil and almost impossible when I use a mechanical pencil. I recently ordered some white pencils that quilters use to mark places where they plan to cut their fabric. These pencils have become very handy for marking cuts on dark wood and labeling pieces.